I'll Have What She's Having

I'll Have What She's Having is ike taking a bite out of a velvety smooth chocolate truffle. Truly a chocolate lover's dream. Ceylon black tea is blended with cocoa nibs, chicory, chocolate chips, and even a dash of cocoa powder to create the most lusciously decadent indulgence yet. 


Make it extra rich by preparing with hot milk. 

Still the only bad boy you will want to take home to meet the parents. 


  • High caffeine
  • Steep 1 tsp tea in one cup water at 212° for 3 minutes
  • 2 oz bag loose leaf tea
  • Makes approximately 20-25 cups 

I'll Have What She's Having

  • Black Tea, Cocoa Nibs, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Chicory, Dark Chocolate Chips, Cocoa & Blue Cornflowers. Chocolate chip ingredients include organic cane sugar, organic chocolate liquor (cocoa mass) and organic cocoa butter